My second book, Globalography, was published by White Lion Publishing in November 2018. Buy it at Amazon and many other retailers

We present 50 unique maps – each in its own beautiful and fascinating style – that chart the globalography of our world. We live in an era of incredible connections and inter-dependency; connected through aid, migration, trade, finance and the invisible lines of culture, data, technology and ideas. These are not maps of nations in isolation, but of processes, trade links, flows of people, arts, cultures and objects. Each map examines the links, bonds and conflicts that brings our world together, creating a fascinating and intricate atlas of our connected planet.

Split into 6 categories the essential, curious, invisible and intricate connections that make up are world are mapped. Each map is accompanied by an essay by Chris Fitch, whose vivid text provides expert insight on how the connections have been formed and what they tell us about our world.

Cities: how the city has grown bigger than the nation, charting the links that brings the world's cities together. Culture: mapping the trade links, idea sharing and unbreakable bonds of cultures that spread across boundaries. Military: the bonds that define and break borders. Objects: marking the routes, locations and links that connected lands and space through our things. Nature: the lines and flows of the natural world. Human: charting the links of people, languages, families and the influences of people